Internal Medicine Residency Program

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Shasta Regional Medical Center educates physicians by incorporating a well-rounded education in all areas of Internal Medicine and providing awareness and experience in healthcare delivery, research, education, and health administration. Resident physicians are exposed to all subspecialties of Internal Medicine, both hospital-based and ambulatory care, encompassing the diverse patient population of the Redding community.

 Shasta Regional Medical Center, a member of Prime Healthcare, received accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to start a new internal medicine residency program in July 2023. The three-year residency program, sponsored by the Prime West Consortium, will begin with eight internal medicine residents per year for a total of 24 residents.

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Welcome From the Residency Program Director

“Our goal is to train residents to provide comprehensive and cognitive patient care with safety, quality, compassion to improve the health communities they are called upon to serve in the future, and ensuring they receive the experiences necessary to prepare them for a successful future in medicine”.

Thiruvoipati Nandakumar, MD, Residency Program Director

Thiruvoipati Nandakumar MD

Internal Medicine Residency Program

We are focused on both our inpatient and outpatient experiences for our residents. We firmly believe in being supportive and allowing each resident flexibility to participate in areas that are of interest to them. Our residents experience a balance of professional autonomy with progressive levels of supervision.

We offer competitive annual salaries and an education fund to support learning and a thorough benefits package.

Program Mission

The Prime West Consortium Shasta Regional Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program aims to provide a high-quality, well-rounded educational experience for resident physicians to be competent hospitalists, primary care physicians and/or pursue a fellowship. The program will aim to address socio-economic disparities, increase access to healthcare and grow the number of physicians in Redding, CA and the surrounding communities.

The aims are to instill the core value of service and commitment to the under-served medical communities. Through a humanistic working environment and curriculum, the program intends to inspire physicians to promote wellness and enact positive change in existing models of care through clinically sound, responsible, innovative, and compassionate care.

Program Goals

The Prime West Consortium Shasta Regional Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program’s goals for our residents are to: Create an environment for scholarly activity and quality improvement with a focus on topics applicable to the community. Encourage life-long learning and improvement. Increase the number of primary care physicians in the greater Inglewood region. Address socio-economic barriers to healthcare in the community. Prepare residents for exam passage for the ABIM board exam or AOA equivalent.

Program Aims

  • To train well-rounded internal medicine physicians providing evidence-based, cost-effective, and high-quality healthcare.
  • To instill in internal medicine physicians the importance of diversity and wellness for the mind and body.
  • To recruit high-quality residents from diverse backgrounds that are committed to the region.
  • To promote lifelong growth as a physician and within the healthcare system.
  • To support faculty and residents in scholarly activity specifically designed to improve patient care, access, quality, and outcomes.
  • To grow and sustain high-quality faculty through faculty development and mentoring.
  • To provide an educational curriculum that is innovative, responsive, and flexible to the learning goals of the residents and that will prepare them for the ABIM board exam.

Diversity Statement

Redding and the surrounding communities are extremely diverse. We aim to capture and reflect the diversity in our residency personnel. Eventually, we hope to establish a diverse recruiting pipeline and retain our residents as faculty. In regard to residency personnel, we hope to recruit from the local community and provide tools and opportunities for advancement within our organization.

The program currently boasts diversity in its faculty and staff that is reflection of the community. The vision is to maintain our diversity by recruiting residents as mentioned in the prior section and eventually retaining them in our program. With time we hope to build a pipeline that continues to build the diversity in our program and serves the community by inspiring lower income high school students, mentoring underserved undergraduate students, fostering local medical students in primary care and then recruiting and retaining physicians in the community and program.


  • Clinical
    • To train residents through an evidence-based curriculum, to become well-rounded internal medicine physicians providing evidence-based, cost-effective, and family-centered healthcare to an underserved community.
    • Encourage screening process of certain diagnosis such as substance abuse, depression, etc.
    • To continuously improve clinical care through QI projects.
  • Education
    • To actively recruit a richly diverse team of residents.
    • To engage residents through bedside learning, multi-disciplinary coordination and learning, didactics, procedure workshops, and opportunities to personalize their training and support their autonomy through electives, inter-professional roles, and committee memberships.
    • To grow and sustain faculty through development and mentoring.
  • Research
    • To support faculty, residents, and medical students in community-based and clinical research specifically designed to improve patient care, quality, and outcomes.
    • To guide and support residents throughout the research process from inquiry to presentation.
  • Graduates
    • To produce internal medicine residency graduates with distinctive qualities and abilities that enable them to become community leaders, public servants, leaders in their medical fields in research and development, and ultimately instruments to invoke change and improvement in healthcare and society.

Redding, California – The Heart of Northern California

Nestled in Northern California, Redding boasts an unparalleled array of outdoor adventures. With its crystal-clear lakes, majestic mountains, and pristine forests, this city indulges in activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even exploring the renowned Lassen Volcanic National Park. The Sacramento River, meandering through the heart of the city, offers picturesque settings for relaxation and recreation.

This city embraces a rich cultural scene, featuring a burgeoning arts community and an array of galleries and museums. Downtown Redding showcases a lively atmosphere with its diverse restaurants, charming boutiques, and a thriving farmers market. The renowned Sundial Bridge, a stunning architectural marvel by Santiago Calatrava, spans the Sacramento River and serves as a testament to the city’s modern spirit.

Redding’s warm and welcoming community further enhances its allure, as locals take pride in sharing their slice of paradise with visitors. Redding encapsulates the perfect marriage of natural splendor and urban vibrancy, making it an exceptional destination that captures the hearts of those seeking both adventure and culture.

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