September 25, 2012, Redding, CA – It was announced today that Shasta Regional Medical Center has signed a contract with Anthem Blue Cross to begin accepting their insurance plans. The announcement is a great step for the hospital and for the community in their efforts to make quality healthcare more widely available, and preserve the financial health of the hospital, which employs over 750 staff members.

Many local news sources covered the announcement, including KRCR Chanel 7 TV.

The Record Searchlight in Redding also posted a story, found here, saying:

“The last thing you want is for people to have to worry and wonder if they can go to this or that hospital,” Shasta Regional Medical Center CEO Randall Hempling said this afternoon. “This (agreement with Blue Cross) takes that out of play, it takes out the fear factor. They (patients) can now go anyplace and get their needs taken care (of).”