Redding, CA — Shasta Regional Medical Center was named one of the nation’s top performers on key quality measures by The Joint Commission, the leading accredited agency of health care organizations in America. Shasta Regional was recognized for clinical performance that is linked to improve care and positive patient outcomes for conditions including heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care.

This is the second year in a row that Shasta Regional is being recognized as a top performer. Shasta Regional is the only hospital in the north state to receive this distinction and one of only 244 U.S. hospitals that achieved the award two years in a row.

“This honor speaks highly of our commitment to our community to continue to deliver exceptional health care. Shasta Regional is proud to be named to the list of The Joint Commission’s top performers on key quality measures,” said Randall Hempling, CEO of Shasta Regional Medical Center.

To be recognized as a top performer on key quality measures, an organization must meet two 95 percent performance thresholds. First, they must achieve a composite performance of 95 percent or above after the results of all the accountability measures for which they report data to The Joint Commission were factored into a single scores, including measures that had fewer than 30 eligible cases or patients. Second, they must meet or exceed a 95 percent performance target for every single accountability measure for which they report data, excluding any measures with fewer than 30 eligible cases or patients.

Eight Prime Healthcare Services hospitals were recognized as top performers on key quality measures by the Joint Commission. Prime Healthcare Services is the parent company of Shasta Regional Medical Center. More can be found on The Joint Commission’s Web site,