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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

AACVPR logoAACVPR Program Certification is the only peer-reviewed accreditation process designed to review individual facilities for adherence to standards and guidelines developed and published by the AACVPR and other professional societies.
Shasta Regional Medical Center Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
Shasta Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive and organized approach to help effectively address the special needs of living with a chronic respiratory disease. Pulmonary rehabilitation benefits those with lung disease including emphysema, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, COPD, pre/post lung transplant, post-op lung surgery, among other conditions.

The rehabilitation program strives to help control the symptoms of the disease including as well as regain as much independence as possible in living everyday life.

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At Shasta Regional Medical Center, patients are offered the tools and techniques to help them achieve a higher quality of life through a structured education process. Topics range from your disease and how to live with it to breathing techniques you can do to make daily activities easier. Evaluations and counseling on reducing emotional stress, home care and appropriate nutrition are offered as well.

A multidisciplinary team made up of a respiratory therapist, pharmacist, physical therapist and social worker guides progress under the medical direction of a pulmonary physician.

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