Behavioral Health

Inpatient Mental Health Program

The ability to cope with the normal stresses of life can sometimes become overwhelming and may interfere with an individual’s ability to be happy, productive and contribute to the community. When this happens, there may be changes in behavior such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and withdrawal from others.

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Center for Behavioral Health

Features 20 beds in a dedicated part of the hospital that is secured for safety. Our interdisciplinary team includes physicians, psychiatric nurses, and social workers. We provide patient-centered care in a compassionate environment.

Our experienced team provides a full range of services:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric and medical assessment(s)
  • Psychosocial assessment and screening for substance use
  • Group therapy and counseling
  • Family intervention and education
  • Expressive arts and recreational therapy
  • Assessment of daily living skills
  • Extensive discharge planning and follow-up with community resources

Admission Process

Referrals accepted from:

  • Referrals accepted for patients who meet criteria for W&I Code 5150
  • Emergency departments
  • Primary care providers
  • Therapists and counselors
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Community mental health providers

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What services do we provide in your department on an outpatient basis?

  • No outpatient psychiatric services at this time.

What kind of patients do we treat in your department? (specific diagnoses)

  • Candidates for admission include adults 18 and above who have a psychiatric diagnosis and require evaluation and treatment in a medical setting.

Clinical Admission Criteria Includes

  • Increasing severity of psychiatric symptoms that substantially interfere with social, interpersonal, and occupational functioning
  • Suicidal thoughts or other self-harm behavior that can cause an individual to be a danger to themselves
  • Inability to maintain adequate nutrition or self-care due to psychosis or disorganized thoughts
  • Cognitive impairment (disorientation or memory loss) that results in behavioral disturbance or endangers the welfare of the patient or others
  • Inadequate response to medication prescribed and severe psychiatric symptoms that require inpatient stabilization before the patient is able to participate in an outpatient treatment program

What special equipment or services do we have that sets us apart?

  • Special Care for Complex Situations: The normal stresses of life can become overwhelming and may interfere with an individual’s ability to live a happy and productive life. Sometimes when this happens, there may be changes in behavior, such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and withdrawal from others.

Inpatient hospitalization offers a thorough diagnostic evaluation and treatment in a comforting environment. Every patient on the unit receives an individualized treatment plan, and we encourage involvement of the patient, family, and other healthcare professionals.

  • After each patient is admitted, he or she receives a comprehensive assessment of needs and strengths in essential areas of functioning, such as self-care, social skills, and symptom management
  • Patients work individually and in groups to address goal setting, coping strategies, stress management and problem solving skills

Medication management is provided with an emphasis on safe and effective medication use

What are your department hours?

  • We ask that visitors are limited to the following visiting hours so patients may fully participate in groups and activities. If there is a special circumstance the treatment team will try their best to accommodate you.

Visitors are welcome every day from 10 to 11 am.

Visiting is limited to two individuals at a time. Due to the nature of patient illnesses, visitors must be 18 or older. The staff reserves the right to check all incoming patient packages. Visitors are asked not to bring any personal belonging into unit besides the keys to their vehicle.


  • Patients may make and receive calls on the phone during leisure hours. Usually this is during visiting hours, free time, and between groups. Patients can be reached at 530.244.8222.

What phone number should potential patients call if they want more information about these services?

  • Staff members are available for referrals and admissions 24/7. To refer patients to the Center for Behavioral Health, call 530.244.8222.

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